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Medical Bioinformatics

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Book: Introduction to computational genomics, a case study approach, Nello Cristianini and Matthew W. Hahn, ISBN 0 521 67191-4 (Cambridge University Press).

Course material

Here you find all material related to the topics presented by prof. dr. A.H.C. van Kampen (Antoine)


Mini project

In this part of the module you will learn to use bioinformatics methods and databases to address a biological problem. You will:

  • Perform a full literature research
  • Perform a simple programming exercise
  • Write a report

Please, carefully read the instructions:

Papers and links transcriptome maps:

Login to computer server of the Bioinformatics Laboratory

For some of the mini projects you need access to the computer server of the Bioinformatics Laboratory. To get access you need to install Putty and Xming. The instructions are given below.

Configuration PuTTY


  • Host = www.bioinformaticslaboratory.nl
  • Port = 22
  • Protocol = SSH


  • Sending of null packets to keep session active: 3600

Connection ? SSH ? Tunnels:

  • Enable X11 forwarding = on
  • X display location = localhost:0


  • ? Save

Start the connection

Just startup Xming and PuTTY. Xming is used as X-server. When PuTTY is started you'll get a terminal where you can enter your username and password.


Antoine van Kampen (a.h.vankampen@amc.uva.nl / 020-5667096 / 06-41768067)

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