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The Bioinformatics Laboratory was initiated in 1997 to advance biomedical research in the Academic Medical Center (AMC, Amsterdam) and is headed by Antoine van Kampen. The laboratory is part of the department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (KEBB). The group members represent a broad range of (bio)informatics, biostatistics, and e-bioscience expertise and engage in research, education, and data analysis. Van Kampen is appointed part time at the Biosystems Data Analysis group of the Science Faculty to facilitate collaborations between the AMC, the BDA group, and other groups at the Science Faculty.
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We aim to develop novel strategies, methods, and expertise for the extraction of biomedical knowledge from complex data. This data generally comprises omics measurements (and complementary clinical data) but also medical images stemming from e.g., fMRI. Our research advances the organization, integration, analysis, and interpretation of biomedical data and, moreover, results in Grid infrastructures that provide significant computing power and approaches to manage data in distributed environments. These infrastructures are applied to address complex biomedical questions.

Most of the (research) projects are defined and carried out in tight collaboration with (AMC) laboratories and (pre)clinical research groups. The main research lines are Systems Genomics, e-Bioscience, and Semantic Biosystems. In addition, the lab participates in many collaborations focused on the analysis and interpretation of omics data. These collaborations include many DNA microarray projects and some proteomics projects. Moreover, the analysis of next generation sequence data constitutes an increasing part of our work. The lab also has large experience in the use and integration of public biological databases. e-Science is embraced for selected projects to facilitate projects that are carried out in distributed environments or which require large compute power. Most of the (research) activities provide a strong basis for systems biology.
The lab contributes to education and training programmes of Medical Informatics (AMC), the International class of Medical Informatics, AMC Graduate School for Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences (University of Amsterdam) and Computational Sciences (University of Amsterdam) and the NBIC PhD School.
In the past, the Bioinformatics Laboratory was one of the initiators of the AMC BioLims project to realize data management for the AMC sequencing facility. In addition, the group was involved in the definition and implementation of the integration architecture that integrates hospital and genomics databases to enable clinical genomics projects (currently known as the DIO project).

The University of Amsterdam network
The Bioinformatics Laboratory has strong links to other (bio)informatics and computational life sciences groups at the University of Amsterdam. In particular we strong links to Biosystems Data Analysis, the MicroArray Department (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences; SILS), and the Section Computational Science of the Informatics Institute. In a joint effort with these groups research and education activities are implemented to further strengthen bioinformatics and life sciences research.
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