Medical Bioinformatics

Book contributions

Gerben J. Schaaf, Fred van Ruissen, Antoine van Kampen, Marcel Kool and Jan M. Ruijter (2007) Statistical Comparison of Two or More SAGE Libraries: One Tag at the Time. In Serial Analysis of Gene Expression. Methods and Protocols. Nielsen, Kåre Lehmann (Ed.). Humana Press.

van Kampen AHC, Horrevoets A (2006) The role of bioinformatics in genomic medicine. Chapter 6, page 103-120. In Gene Therapy (series Cardiovascular research: new technologies, methods & applications). Pasterkamp G and de Kleijn, DPV (Eds), Springer, New York.  ISBN: 0-387-23328-8.

van Kampen AHC, Ruijter JM, van Schaik BDC, Caron HN, Versteeg, R (2003) Gene expression informatics and analysis. In Bioinformatics for geneticists. Barnes MR, Gray IC (Eds), Chapter 15, page 319-344 John Wiley & Sons, Chichester.
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