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Medical Informatics (AMC)
MIK1.2 Biomedische basis principes MIK2.1 Databases en computernetwerken MIK3 DGO-Bioinformatics
MIK Master, Current issues in medical informatics I MIK GRID Summer school: Bridging Health Care with IT
MIK Bachelor Seminars 2011 MIK Bachelor Seminars 2013
MIK Bachelor Databases and Networks 2013
UvA Faculty of Science: SILS
Biomedical Sciences/Biology (SILS; BW02K) Medical Molecular Systems Biology (SILS 051BMS) Communicatie in de biologie (1003B)
Miniscriptie (SILS 290BMW) Genomics of Disease Medical Biotechnology
UvA Faculty of Science: Informatics
Bioinformatics-I (Computational Sciences) Bioinformatics-II Microarrays (Computational Sciences) Bioinformatics-II NGS (Computational Sciences)
Amsterdam Graduate School of Sciences (AGSS)
Translational Medicine    
AMC Graduate School
Bioinformatics Sequence Analysis DNA Technology Proteomics, Mass Spectrometry and Protein Research
Computing in R e-Science (pilot) Introduction to Unix
Introduction to Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Machine Learning (BioSB Research School) Optimization (NBIC PhD School) Python
NBIC Tutorial NBIC RNA-seq Bioinformatics/e-Bioscience Show Cases
Molecular Profiling (RU, Chemical Biology)    
Antoine van Kampen
Perry Moerland
Silvia Olabarriaga
Barbera van Schaik
Aldo Jongejan

Information for trainees
The Bioinformatics Laboratory offers students the possibility to do a bioinformatics and e-science projects ('stage') to further specialize in these scientific fields. The minimum period for a practical period is three months, but it depends on the background and skills of the student. The student is assumed to have programming and other skills (e.g., statistics, relational databases, bioinformatics, distributed computing, web programming) to successfully engage in a project. During the practical period the student is allowed to participate in bioinformatics courses or meetings that are organized by the Bioinformatics Laboratory.

If you are interested then contact Antoine van Kampen ( to discuss interests and possibilities.
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