Current group members

Head of the lab

Prof. Dr. A.H.C. van Kampen (Antoine)
Group leader
Personal page
Room: J1B-208, Phone: +31-(0)20-5667096, Email:

Assistant professors

Dr. ir. P.D. Moerland (Perry)
Assistant professor
Personal page
Room: J1B-215, Phone: +31-(0)20-5666945, Email:

Post doctoral fellows

A. Jongejan (Aldo)
Postdoc (AMC)
Whole exome sequence analysis

Personal page
Room: J1B-205, Phone: +31-(0)20-5664711, Email:
M.L. Pras (Mia)
Postdoc (AMC)

Personal page
Room: J1B-220, Phone: +31-(0)20-5666885, Email:
D. Hasdemir (Dicle)
Data fusion of immunology data.
Room: J1B.207, Phone: +31-(0)20-5662349 Email:

PhD candidates

M.Soleimani Dodaran (Maryam)
PhD student
EpiPredict (Tamoxifen drug resistance in breast cancer)
Personal page
Room: J1B-220.267 Phone: +31-(0)20-5666885


B.D.C. van Schaik (Barbera)
Senior bioinformatician (AMC)
Sequence analysis, immunogenomics
Personal page
Room: J1B-214-1, Phone: +31-(0)20-5666885, Email:

A.C.M. Luijf (Angela)
Research support, Scientific programmer (AMC)
Personal page
Room: J1B-205, Phone: +31-(0)20-5664711, Email adress :


P. de Jong (Puck)

Room: J1B-220, Phone: +31-(0)20-5666885 Phone: , Email:
S.J.T. de Vries (Tein)
Epigenetic mechanisms in tamoxifen resistance in
breast cancer.

Room: J1B-227 , Phone: , Email:
S. van der Veen (Sije)
Analysis of PolyA tail in RNA

Room: J1B-227 , Phone: , Email:
A.Mahes (Amrish)
Evaluation of text mining tools for Endocrine Knowledge base.

Room: J1B-227 , Phone: , Email:
R. Tijmes (Renske)
Parameter estimation for GRN (Martinez et al (2012) PNAS).

Room: J1B-220, Phone: +31-(0)20-5666885 , Phone: , Email:


Former colleagues

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